Children’s Ministry


At Gracenet, we want our children to love the Word. We desperately want them to find in it the precious Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ.

In this regard, our strategy is 3-fold;

1. Family Worship

CatechismCoverSquare-300x300While not very popular today, we do strongly believe that one the primary ways that we can move together towards this goal is by encouraging and supporting the parents of the church in their responsibility to lead their family in worship. More than merely catechizing, this means that parents commit to modeling the gospel in every aspect of their lives together with their children, and using every opportunity to point their children to Christ.  This is a daunting role. So, as a church we want to focus on providing you with all the support and encouragement that you need. In a day and age where children are so easily sent of to ‘the specialists’, we want to equip you to consider another way.



2. Church Worship

FamilyDrivenFaith-01Once again, while admittedly going against the grain; rather than send children off to another venue on Sunday’s, we would absolutely welcome and encourage all to sit and participate in the worship service with their parents. This is because we believe that it is vital for children to see their parents sing, sit under the preaching of the word and participate in the sacraments. Even if many things are not understood by the kids, that is ok. Remember firstly, that many things will indeed be understood. We should not underestimate this. Secondly, the failure to understand something that happens during worship service often provides a wonderful opportunity for parents themselves to explain and expand on certain truths to their children (see ‘Shepherding a Child’s Heart’ by Tedd Tripp). Also they can do this at a level as that is particularly age appropriate (the parents know their children better than anyone else, and so will best be able to explain these truths to them). Thirdly, we must remember that it is what they see (week after week in our Sunday morning worship), and the modeling of these things  to them, that also acts as a powerful influence upon their lives.


3. Pre-service Sunday School

While the previous points might indeed be considered primary, we have sought to implement a helpful (and regular) way for the church to assist and supplement in this process, without detracting from anything that the parents themselves are engaged in. Every Sunday, 45 mins before the service itself (at the same time as the prayer meeting), parents are encouraged to bring their children along to the Sunday school. The syllabus works through the Bible from Genesis to Revelation. These weekly, Christ-centered lessons are communicated to the children in fun and creative ways.

Join us in regular prayer for our children. We would desperately hope that all of their lives be given to Him. May God use our ministry to open their eyes to His infinite glories!



For more information about our philosophy of children’s ministry, we would encourage you to read the following;

1. Family Driven Faith – Voddie Baucham

2. Shepherding  a Child’s Heart – Tedd Tripp

3. New City Catechism

If you would like to know any more about the children’s ministry, please contact Hannah Tysoe or Michelle Abraham. They will be happy to assist you.