Vision and Mission




To behold and reflect the glory of Christ.

The church has three main purposes; 1) Ministry to God (worship); 2) Ministry to believers (discipleship); 3) Mission to the world (evangelization)

To say that our purpose is “to behold and reflect the glory of Christ”… is essentially to talk about all the primary purposes of the church summed up in one Christ-centered statement. The wording is deliberately broad enough to include the many things that we should be doing as a church.



To hear and do the Word of God.

Our mission statement describes how the vision will be realized. It is through the ‘hearing of the word’ that we ‘behold the glory of Christ’ – and through ‘the doing of the Word’ that we ‘reflect the glory of Christ’. Here again – it is intended to be an all encompassing statement that becomes further unpacked as we look at our specific strategy for achieving the mission. If you would like to know more about this, please talk to us about joining one of our regular New Member’s Class.