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Sunday Service

At Gracenet, our corporate worship is totally Bible-based. Every part of our time together on Sunday mornings is oriented around the Word of God. This is because we desperately want to our services to be Spirit-led, Gospel-driven, Christ-centered and mission-focused.

In this regard, our services might be summarized as consisting of the following components:

1. Reading the Word - God’s call to us through the Word, exhorting us to Worship Him

2. Praying the Word - Our response to God’s call, offering minds and hearts to Him in Christ and because of the Gospel

3. Singing the Word - Responding to the Word of God and the Gospel, we sing psalms and hymns and spiritual songs that are saturated with biblical truth

4. Supporting the Word - While worshipping God with our giving, we support the ministry of the Word and the advance of the Kingdom

5. Preaching the Word - Gospel-driven, Christ-centered, Expository Bible preaching

6. Seeing the Word - Seeing Christ in all of Scripture, we find the climax of our weekly worship in the Gospel, and celebrate it together by our participation in the visible Word: the Lord’s Supper